A Note From the Founder

A Note From the Founder

Over the 30 years I’d been privileged to work in the apparel industry, I grew to love the product development process, and I learned so much while working for companies of all sizes. My favorite work experiences have included extensive travel to evaluate factories, develop beautiful products, and build relationships.  


While my values and experiences drew me to build connections with the world, I started to dream about creating a business that honored the earth, respected producers and their communities, supported opportunities for women at every level of the supply chain, and resulted in high-quality clothing made in natural fibers with beautiful and flattering cuts?


Ancient Celebrity was born from a longing for women to have equal standing and the power to address ecological crisis and protect our children’s future. It is an effort to co-create the world we want to live in -- where we rejoice in our intersectionality, and act in alignment with our dearest values. By supporting this brand, you propel women-owned businesses that honor both people and planet.  


Welcome to Ancient Celebrity, we’ve been waiting for you. 


Love from Ginger & all of us at Ancient Celebrity.