Yak Herringbone Shawl


Super soft, oversized shawl with blue, black and touches of maroon herringbone pattern, and finished with fringe detail.

Perfect for layering for cool weather, or using as a luxurious travel blanket.

Materials & Make:

Handmade from 100% Yak yarn.

Yak is one of the most sustainable animal fibers, is comparable to the softness of cashmere, incredibly warm, and hypoallergenic.

Made in Kathmandu, Nepal at a woman owned artisan group that has been providing meaningful work in safe working conditions at fair wages for over eighteen years.

See more about our approach HERE.


Approximately 39" x 78".  These shawls are handmade, so please expect slight variations.

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Washing is hard on your textiles and the environment. Airing out your textiles between wears is a good way to keep them fresh.

Dry clean at an environmentally friendly cleaner when necessary.

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Customer Reviews

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Erin Owes
Product Fit: True to size
Blue Yak Shawl

This is one of those pieces that make it doable to get through winter. It's like the softest blanket that happens to look put together and stunning. (A win win.) The woven pattern is beautiful and the blue/black color combo means it plays well with most of my closet.

My mom happened to be visiting when I received this and didn't want to take it off. I ended up getting her her own for Christmas.

Megan Boyton
Product Fit: True to size
YAK - Sustainable and pure luxury!

I recently Purchased the Yak Cardigan and loved it so much that I had to get the shawl. I’m obsessed.
I have been on a quest for a sustainable “Cashmere” I wanted the warmth of and softness of cashmere, the durability of wool and all made in a sustainable way. Because Cashmere and wool can be real resource hogs.
Ancient Celebrity said “Yak” and once i felt it i said “YES PLEASE”
Yak is it the right warmth (turns out 30% warmer than wool) the right soft/cozy, the right elegance, and the fibers come from small farming so I know it was made in a conscientious and fortifying way. thank you AC. this is such an beautiful shawl. I will wear it all winter! and the next and the next.