Women Owned

Ethically Made

Our Fibers

Respecting People, Makers and the Planet

We believe what goes into our clothing are more than resources, and that those who buy our clothing are more than consumers. These are our partners in growing a community that actively celebrates people and the planet. They are active participants in co-creating the world we want to live in, where we rejoice in our intersectionality and act in alignment with our dearest values. We believe in fair wages, workers rights, gender equality & care deeply for all who participate— from planet, to makers, to you.

People and Planet

We believe clothing is a source of deep connection. It connects us to ourselves, to its creators and communities, and to the planet itself. Ancient Celebrity is committed to increasing the positive impact of clothing on both people and the earth, while limiting its damaging impacts— at every level of its lifecycle.

Ancient Celebrity is honored to engage with suppliers who share our urgency for and commitment to protecting workers and preserving the environment. The personal nature and transparency of these relationships builds trust in our aligned values, and a more engaged collaboration results in both better practices and products.

Above all, we recognize that by working together we can improve our positive impact over time. Our holistic sustainability goals are met and measured by engaging in open and honest discussions, benchmarking, 3rd-party inspections and certifications. We are confident in our product because of this traceable model. We vet our vendors thoughtfully, and conduct annual audits. Our code of conduct outlines our expectations for fair working conditions and reduced environmental impacts. We encourage you to follow our journals as we learn and improve.

Enduring Craft

Our current line is cut and sewn in a family-run workshop based in Jaipur, India. Rajasthan has a network of craftspeople with expertise in the arts of hand-spun and hand-woven fabrics, natural dyeing, block-printing, embroidery, pattern drafting, and sewing. Our clothing honors this family lineage of craftsmanship and its embodied respect for the planet.We look forward to continuing to explore the rich textile knowledge this region has to offer.

Our business is headquartered in Oakland, California, and our approach is a ‘glocal’ one. We are interested in developing our relationships with like-minded creators in our local community through our relationships and partnerships. We welcome you to join along in an exploration of a more fulfilling relationship to everyday belongings.