Natural Fibers Celebrate our Earth

We celebrate natural fibers and see them as luxury gifts from our planet. They are beautiful, generative, recyclable and biodegradable and connect us to our human history as we learned to grow, harvest, spin, card, weave and knit, cut, and sew them into the items that adorn our bodies and homes. We are committed to only using natural fibers in our production because it is healthier for you, our makers and our planet.


We love the feeling of 100% cotton on our skin. Cotton’s ability to insulate and retain its shape makes it a perennial favorite. Its hypoallergenic nature, softness, and ability to control moisture prevent skin irritation and promote the health of those who wear it. We aim to use organic cotton for all new fabrics. Our 100% organic cotton fabrics are GOTs certified, which means non-GMO seed, fair labor practices, no toxic chemicals and azo-free dyes. They also use 91% less water to grow and five to twenty times less water to process than conventional cotton.


Beloved as one of the world's oldest textiles, linen has an unmistakable drape and is an excellent wardrobe option year-round. Anti-allergenic, breathable, durable, and sun protective, this high-quality textile is derived from the mighty flax plant and gets softer and more luminous with age. Flax is a naturally “green” fiber: it is hardy and does not require fertilizers or pesticides. It also requires little or no irrigation to thrive and less water to process than cotton--- and since it is grown as a rotating crop, it does not deplete the soil.


Produced as a protective cocoon by the silkworm, silk is one of the earth’s strongest natural fibers. Due to its absorbency and the prism effect of its structure, silk captures dyes and displays color like no other fiber, and it has a beautiful and uniquely fluid drape. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, resisting dust mites, mold, and fungus— so it’s a great choice of fabric for those with asthma and allergies. It also prevents dry skin and is thermoregulating to keep you comfortable year-round.


The yak lives in the remote highlands of the Himalayas, Tibet, and Mongolia. These beautiful animals produce ultra-soft wool to keep them warm in harsh winters. The finest and softest fiber from the yak’s undercoat delivers an unrivaled combination of warmth and breathability, comfort and durability, and makes it perfect for woven fabrics and knits. When treated properly, yak fibers can feel as soft as cashmere yet be as strong and warm as llama wool.