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We believe Great Things Happen when Women Come Together

Ancient Celebrity partners with women-owned and family-run businesses to provide fair wages and meaningful work to people who are often marginalized. Each piece of clothing we produce is designed to be beautiful to the senses and fit women’s bodies, lives, and values. More than just a purchase, each item propels women-owned businesses that honor craftspeople and our planet.

As creators of life, women play a critical nurturing role in our families and our communities. Yet, our voice, agency, and economic participation are often muted. Unequal representation in global educational and employment opportunities, governments, and boardrooms systematically holds women back from our potential as powerful healers for ourselves, our society, and our planet. Inequity impacts women in all economies and those with different levels of status and privilege, but it has an especially stark impact on women in India, where our current line is produced.

Despite an economy that has doubled in size over the last two decades, India is one of the only countries in the world where the female employment rate has fallen in recent years, dropping from the already low rate of 35% in 2005 to only 20.3% in 2019. Though the factors contributing to this are complex, many women want and need to work to support their families. We work with women-owned businesses that believe in supporting female workers.

Ancient Celebrity seeks out small artisan workshops to produce our collections, preferring to have close working relationships with smaller businesses. This creates both transparency and an opportunity for powerful collaborations. Our clothing is produced in workplaces that provide decent conditions, fair pay, and opportunities for learning and advancement for female workers. Together we infuse our values into every step of production.

Our commitment to women-owned businesses does not stop in the communities that produce our clothing. We also have an intentional presence in the community in which we live. We support other women-owned businesses and their allies in our local community through our partnerships and friendships.